Therese came to Move Empower Concierge Physical Therapy due to repetitive ankle sprains and a neurological issue. She was frustrated with not being able to bike or walk long distances without her ankle swelling and becoming stiff and painful. Watch this short video to learn about her success of restoring her mobility and function after working with Move Empower Concierge Physical Therapy.

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Robby was suffering from knee and hip pain for nearly 2 years to the point he was considering having to quit playing the game he loved, volleyball. As a former college-level volleyballer, this was very frustrating.

Robby was diagnosed with IT Band syndrome and prescribed physical therapy. During his initial visit with us, Robby had the opportunity to deeply discuss the history of the injury and functional limitations. With this information and in-depth evaluation, we were able to determine that Robby’s knee pain was actually caused by an issue in his lower back and hip, which we treated with a combination of Manual Therapy, Dry Needling and IASTM.

Hear how hands-on treatment allowed him to return to volleyball and play at a level better than he was in prior to his injury. Visit us at https://moveempowerpt.com/ to learn more about the treatments used and how they could help you get back to the activities you love.

Roopa was frustrated and on the verge of giving in to her chronic neck pain. She had seen many different healthcare providers who suggested injections, pain meds, and even surgery. Roopa took a chance on us and is now back to the life she had been missing for so long.

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