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Therapeutic Dry Needling in Austin TX

Mobile Physical Therapy: Therapeutic Dry Needling

Dry needling is when a thin needle is used to penetrate the skin to stimulate underlying muscles and tissues to treat pain and impaired movements. Research supports that dry needling improves pain control, reduces muscle tension, and facilitates an accelerated return to active rehabilitation.

Mobile Physical Therapy: Therapeutic Dry Needling

Dry needling is when a thin needle is used to penetrate the skin to stimulate underlying muscles and tissues to treat pain and impaired movements. Research supports that dry needling improves pain control, reduces muscle tension, and facilitates an accelerated return to active rehabilitation.

If you suffer from headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, strains/sprains, tennis elbow, back pain, or knee pain, dry needling can help you! Your next question is probably: wait, isn’t this just like acupuncture? They do both use needles, but how they address pain points are very different. Acupuncture uses energy flows in the body while dry needling pinpoints those muscles that are causing you problems. If you find that you have pain that limits your movements, dry needling is a great solution for you.

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Dry Needling in Austin Texas

Are you looking for a natural and effective way to relieve pain and promote healing in Austin, TX?

Look no further than therapeutic dry needling. This innovative treatment uses thin needles to target trigger points and release tension in your muscles.

By stimulating the body’s natural healing response, therapeutic dry needling can provide lasting relief from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Discover the benefits of this technique and find the right practitioner for you in Austin, TX.


The Benefits of Therapeutic Dry Needling in Austin, TX

You should consider the benefits of therapeutic dry needling in Austin, TX.

Therapeutic dry needling is an effective treatment option for various musculoskeletal conditions.

One of the main benefits of this technique is its effectiveness in relieving pain and promoting healing. By inserting thin needles into trigger points, the muscles are stimulated, leading to increased blood flow and the release of tension. This can help reduce muscle tightness, improve flexibility, and alleviate discomfort.

Another benefit of therapeutic dry needling is its ability to target specific areas of the body, allowing for a more precise treatment approach.

Additionally, this technique has been found to be safe and well-tolerated by patients.

If you’re seeking a non-invasive and effective method for managing musculoskeletal pain, therapeutic dry needling in Austin, TX may be a suitable option for you.

How Therapeutic Dry Needling Works in Austin, TX

Therapeutic dry needling can effectively relieve pain and promote healing by stimulating muscles through the insertion of thin needles into trigger points. This technique is gaining popularity as a non-pharmacological and minimally invasive treatment option for various musculoskeletal conditions.

Many individuals have reported the effectiveness of therapeutic dry needling in reducing pain and improving their overall quality of life. The procedure is generally safe, with minimal side effects. Some individuals may experience temporary soreness or bruising at the needle insertion sites, but these side effects are usually mild and resolve quickly.

It’s important to note that therapeutic dry needling should be performed by trained professionals to ensure the safest and most effective outcomes. If you’re considering this treatment option, it’s recommended to consult with a qualified practitioner to discuss the potential benefits and any possible side effects specific to your condition.

Dry needling is a skilled intervention that uses a thin needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscles, and connective tissues for treatment of musculoskeletal pain and movement impairments.  

Finding the Right Practitioner for Therapeutic Dry Needling in Austin, TX

To ensure the best results, it’s crucial to find a skilled practitioner for therapeutic dry needling in Austin, TX. When it comes to finding the right therapist, there are a few key factors to consider.

First and foremost, you want to make sure the practitioner is experienced and knowledgeable in the technique of dry needling. Ask about their qualifications and training to ensure they’ve the necessary expertise.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the cost of therapeutic dry needling. While it can be an effective treatment option for various conditions, it’s essential to understand the financial implications. Some therapists may offer different pricing options or package deals, so it’s worth doing some research and comparing prices to find the best fit for your budget.


What to Expect During a Therapeutic Dry Needling Session

During a therapeutic dry needling session, the practitioner will explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

The therapeutic dry needling process involves the insertion of thin, solid needles into trigger points in the muscles, tendons, or connective tissues. This technique helps release tension and relieve pain by stimulating the body’s natural healing response.

The benefits of therapeutic dry needling include reducing muscle tightness, improving joint mobility, and promoting tissue healing. The needles used are sterile and disposable, ensuring safety and minimizing the risk of infection.

The session typically lasts around 30 minutes, and you may experience a slight discomfort or twitch response during the treatment. However, many people find therapeutic dry needling to be an effective and efficient method for managing pain and improving overall musculoskeletal health.

Therapeutic Dry Needling in Austin TX

Frequently Asked Questions About Therapeutic Dry Needling


Is Therapeutic Dry Needling a Painful Procedure?

Therapeutic dry needling can be uncomfortable, as it involves inserting thin needles into muscles. However, pain tolerance varies, so it may be suitable for everyone. It can be done on various parts of the body.


Can Therapeutic Dry Needling Help With Chronic Pain Conditions?

Therapeutic dry needling can be effective in managing chronic pain conditions. It targets trigger points in your muscles, helping to release tension and promote healing. Give it a try for relief!


Are There Any Side Effects or Risks Associated With Therapeutic Dry Needling?

There are some risks and side effects associated with therapeutic dry needling, but overall, it is considered effective in treating chronic pain conditions. However, it is important to consult with a trained professional before undergoing the treatment.


How Long Does It Take to See Results From Therapeutic Dry Needling?

You may start seeing results from therapeutic dry needling within a few sessions. It is an effective and safe treatment option.


Can Therapeutic Dry Needling Be Used as a Standalone Treatment or Does It Need to Be Combined With Other Therapies?

Therapeutic dry needling can be used as a standalone treatment, but combining it with other therapies may enhance its efficacy. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best approach for your specific condition.


Dry Needling in Austin summary

In conclusion, therapeutic dry needling offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking relief from pain and muscle tension. By targeting trigger points and promoting muscle relaxation, this treatment can improve mobility and enhance overall well-being.

It’s important to find a qualified practitioner who specializes in therapeutic dry needling to ensure safe and effective results. During a session, patients can expect a comfortable and professional experience.


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I am in my late 40s and had thought my days of playing tennis might be over. I was diagnosed by an orthopedist of having “classic tennis elbow” when I was unable to even pick up a coffee cup. The pain was excruciating. The doctor gave me couple of cortisone shots, which helped temporarily for a few months, but as the pain came back I wanted to find a solution other than cortisone shots if possible. I was not even aware tennis elbow was treatable but I stopped by Eric, who had helped me with some PT on a left shoulder I had mildly injured a couple years previous, to if there was anything else that could be done. Eric strongly encouraged me to stay away from cortisone shots and try dry needling as well as some therapeutic exercises as well as work on my right shoulder, since it is all connected. Dry needling was the greatest thing I have ever experienced for my elbow. And with that, plus the exercises, my tennis game is as strong as ever and I have even placed in several local tournaments. I also appreciate Eric’s thorough knowledge of human anatomy and how the ligaments and tendons work together and his ability to isolate the problem areas. I continue to use Eric intermittently on an as needed basis, but I could not be more thrilled with the results from working with him.

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Dry Needling FAQs

Yes! The only thing they really have in common is that they use a needle. Acupuncture uses what’s known as meridians that are energy paths in the body. Dry needling uses trigger points to guide treatment; trigger points like sore places on muscles.

  • Headaches
  • Cervical pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Strains/sprains of ankle, low back, and neck
  • Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
  • Chronic lumbar pain
  • ITB syndrome

One of our physical therapists will figure out your trigger points — also known as pain points — and then insert a sterile, stainless steel needling into the muscle that’s causing you problems. It’s pretty normal for your muscle to twitch a bit here, and that might cause some mild discomfort, but it passes quickly. Patients tend to experience rapid symptom relief and increased mobility after appointments; there might be some initial soreness after your appointment, but that will subside after 24 hours.

We get it. You hear needles and don’t have a great feeling about it. Don’t worry! The needles are very thin filament needles. In fact, they are so thin that most patients don’t feel much when the needle first enters the skin. For comparison, getting a flu shot or getting blood drawn causes much more pain. When the needle hits the target muscle that’s causing you problems, there might be a sensation similar to a small muscle cramp, but that only lasts about 15-30 seconds.

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