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Therapeutic exercise

Your Tailor-Made Exercise Program

The performance of the prescribed therapeutic exercise program is one of the most important pieces to your rehabilitation process.

I believe that by giving patients the proper know how and emphasizing ownership of their tailor-made program, patients will achieve their best results.

I am a firm believer in “perfect practice, makes perfect…”  

Consistent with that, is the time and attention I dedicate to my patients ensuring they understand what proper movement patterns feel like.

This will ensure that they can recreate it on their own when performing home exercise programs or during sport performance.

Eric Finger is one of the best if not the best physical therapists I have gone to. Eric treated me for a problem with my knee and for a lower back injury in 2017. I was very impressed with Eric’s diagnostic skills in determining the root cause of my pain and in determining very specific therapies and exercises to use. Eric was also very good at explaining things to me and educating me about physiology, the cause of my pain, and how the therapies worked to treat it. I felt well prepared to do the exercises he prescribed for me to do on my own (in between my therapy sessions). Eric was very encouraging, patient, answered all my questions and sought my honest feedback. My therapy was a success and I’m grateful that Eric was my therapist. Eric also equipped me with exercises to do to prevent and counter any reoccurrence. I highly recommend Eric for anyone in need of physical therapy. Cynthia A.

Austin TX

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