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Are you a Stay-at-Home Mom with neck and shoulder pain?

Neck and shoulder pain can become quickly debilitating…

Both ailments are common in nursing mothers and can make handling your baby very uncomfortable.  As a father of a one year old, I remember after a couple of weeks of 3 am breastfeeding sessions, my wife started complaining of an aching neck. It had reached a point, where she was having a hard time getting comfortable in bed, causing her to lose her already-too-few hours of sleep.

With manual therapy techniques and some tweaking of her postural mechanics with feeding and carrying our son, I was able to correct the root cause and alleviate the pain.

If left untreated, something that begins as an achy neck can progress to make  simple everyday tasks like taking off a shirt or carrying your baby very difficult.

Not all shoulder pain originates from a shoulder issue though – It could be your neck referring pain to your shoulder. With a thorough assessment we can determine the root cause of your symptoms and effectively and quickly resolve your discomfort and get you back to being the supermom you are.

Before beginning treatment with Eric, I thought I could fix my neck problem by myself with daily exercise. However it didn’t work very well… with Eric’s detailed evaluation, personal treatment, and fine tuning each therapy session, my neck and shoulder pain was fixed fast.

L. Xing

Austin TX

No longer do you need to waste time sitting in traffic or find a babysitter. With Move Empower Concierge Physical Therapy, we come to YOU.

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