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Are you a busy business Exec with nagging low back pain?

So you decided to clean up the flower bed and bag those leaves that are wearing your yard like a sweater.

Problem is, the next day you wake up and can barely get out of bed due to severe back pain and tightness.

It hurts to cough and sneeze, and to walk you have to bend forward at the waist.  Adding to this frustration is the fact that you have an important meeting in two days and you’re nowhere near prepared for it.

Lower back pain can be quite debilitating, and research tells us that  80% of people at some point in their life will experience it.

Seeking care at your family doctor or an urgent care will likely gain you pain medication and muscle relaxants to provide partial relief, but will not really be addressing the root cause of this back pain flare up.

With Move Empower Physical Therapy we provide an extensive exam to determine the cause of your lumbar dysfunction and provide hands on treatment in the comfort of your home to expedite recovery and get you back to the active lifestyle you want.

Lower back pain can stem from several different causes so it is imperative to select a physical therapist with specialized training to evaluate and treat you.

I have spent over 8 years working in the occupational medicine setting allowing me to work with literally hundreds of cases of lower back pain. Not one patient was alike.

Through my rigorous post graduate training and 15 years of clinical experience I have developed  a thorough evaluative process to determine the source of your back dysfunction and treat it efficiently and effectively.

As a patient, you can expect a detailed conversation about your symptoms prior to any  therapeutic assessment. I am a firm believer, that a patient will tell you what is “wrong” if you just listen.

No longer do you need to waste time sitting in traffic. With Move Empower Concierge Physical Therapy, we come to YOU.

Click below for a free 20-minute phone consultation with a Eric to discuss your condition and how Move Empower Physical Therapy can help you.

10 Tips for Decreasing your Back Pain Without the Use of Pills

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