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Physical Therapy: What is it and How can it help me?

Physical therapists are highly educated healthcare professionals who help patients reduce pain and restore mobility and in many cases lessening the need for surgery and use of pain medications.

In this article I will define what physical therapy is and is not at Move Empower Concierge Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy at Move Empower Concierge PT is…..

1. Something that helps improve your everyday life:

Physical therapy, or P.T., can take many different forms.  At times it involves exercise.  Other times it can involve hands on techniques to improve your joint or muscle’s ability to move and contract.  Physical therapy can help “wake up” muscles that are under performing and “turn off” the ones overacting.  PT can get rid of headaches, help you run that 5K race pain free, rid neck and shoulder pain that keeps you up at night, and educate on how correctly perform activities so as not to aggravate an injury.

2. Empowering:

Physical Therapy should be an educative experience as well.  My bias is that the patient should understand what  the underlying or root cause of their problem is.  Without understanding the disease process how can you effectively correct it and most importantly, prevent future episodes?

In a study performed by Childs and Whitman et al (2005), “experienced physical therapists had higher levels of knowledge in managing musculoskeletal conditions than medical students, physician residents, and all physician specialists except for orthopedic surgeons.”  As you can see physical therapists have the knowledge base to correctly identify and treat most musculoskeletal pathologies.


In the decade and a half of practicing, I  know one thing for sure-not one patient is alike.   Keeping this in mind, a patient’s treatment should tailored to specific to their needs and goals.  At Move Empower Concierge Physical Therapy you will always have one-on-one care with a specifically tailored treatment plan at the convenience of your location of choice.

What physical therapy at Move Empower Concierge PT is NOT…

1. Torture

If I had a dime for everytime I have  heard someone exclaim, “you know what  P.T. stands for?..Physical torturer..” .  If this is what your past experience was with PT than let me apologize for my profession. Physical therapy does not need to painful.  At the most basic level we are promoting joints to move in appropriate patterns while activating muscles to fire with proper timing and force.  This can easily accomplished without activating the body’s alarm system and causing pain.

2. Cookie Cutter

Once you have completed your initial evaluation you will be educated on an exercise program specific to your needs.  Your exercise program is specific to the movement impairments and strength deficits found during your evaluation.  It will be progressive and change according to how well you are doing each visit.  Do not expect to perform the same exercise each visit or put on passive modalities like hotpads.

Should you struggle with a particular movement pattern we will not skip it and move on.  Instead we will find an alternative exercise to produce desired movement or muscle activation.  Remember Perfect practice, makes perfect…

3. Boring

Expect a full hour of attention on you and the quality of how you move.  I will push you mentally and physically, but within reason.  I will always listen and only advise when warranted.  Your therapy journey is a team approach and a fun one at that.  Are you ready?  I am!

Physical therapy can mean many different things to people. Our primary focus of providing physical therapy treatment is to help you move and feel better without having to rely on pain medi-cations and surgery.

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