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Is that lingering ankle pain holding you back from a full workout?

Did you twist your ankle a few weeks ago and it still continues to linger in discomfort?  

It was just a mild ankle sprain… why does it still hurt?

When you sprain a joint you have caused micro trauma to the supporting ligaments and capsule due to taking the joint beyond its functional range.

Ankle sprains, as minor as they may seem, can lead to long term dysfunction and increased likelihood of reinjury.

So how does this affect the performance and function of your ankle?

Within minutes of a sprain to a joint, swelling and localized pain will appear (at times followed by significant disability).

Within 24hrs of the sprain there will be decreased firing of the surrounding muscles that support the joint as well as the tiny receptors, or proprioceptors, which are embedded within the ligament that assist with joint position in space and balance.

Without restoring proper joint mobility, strength, flexibility, and balance, a simple ankle sprain can become quite limiting.

You know, to perform your very best you have to feel and move well. Physical pain you can tolerate is often easy to keep tolerating and not get seen to.

But there’s a risk: If you don’t get your ankle pain addressed, here’s what you might feel/experience:

  • Instability when walking or running on uneven surfaces
  • Chronic pain and swelling
  • Difficulty descending steps
  • Suffering another ankle sprain

That’s where we come in.

Our passion is to provide a therapy experience that empowers, educates and restores balanced healthy movement without the drive to appointments, sitting in Austin traffic or having to re-schedule your day. We bring clinical expertise to YOU!

After surgery to fix a broken fibula, I started coming to Eric for physical therapy. In three months, I went from crutches and minimal weight bearing, to cane, to no cane.

Eric is always willing to explain the why of each exercise. He tells you what muscles are being engaged and any other purpose of a particular exercise. To help with the healing process, he gives “homework”. These important lessons help your recovery and decrease the amount of physical therapy sessions you need.

One simple technique Eric taught me was massaging particular points on a leg or foot. This not only helped me with the leg I had surgery on, but it is providing relief with a heel spur on the foot on the other side of my body. This is some of the first relief I have had for that problem, which developed more than 10 years ago. None of the 3 doctors I had seen for that issue had given me such a simple but effective treatment for the pain that heel spur causes.

I recommend Eric because he helps you quickly recover, is always willing to explain the purpose of each exercise, uses simple things you can repeat at home or the gym, and is always patient. If you are concerned about physical therapy not really working or being extremely painful, you do not have to be worried about that with Eric.

Karen S.

Austin TX

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